Desmond Tutu on “the light”

Richard Rohr’s latest book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, presents an eloquent argument for the need to use the second half of life to pursue spiritual maturity, to forego the certainties of earlier decades when ego-identity needs were paramount.  Early in the book he reminded readers of the need to remember the admonishment of St. Paul to always remember that we “see through a glass darkly.”  He then quoted Desmond Tutu who quipped re this Pauline wisdom, “Remember, we are only the light bulb and it is our job to merely keep screwed in.”  The light bulb is merely the bearer of the light.  Without its source, there would be darkness.  It is so easy to become intoxicated with our “light” and forget to honor and affirm our Source.  When that happens, regardless of how profound and “wise” we may perceive ourselves to be, we are then purveyors of darkness.



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