The peril of attachment

There is a well-known story of Jesus encountering a rich man who wanted to enter the kingdom of heaven. And Jesus told him to sell all his possessions and give them to the poor. (See Mark ch. 10). Now I don’t think Jesus was telling us that we need to sell all of our “stuff” and give to the poor. He merely recognized the attachment of that man to his riches and knew that it was an impediment to his spiritual welfare. I have known of people who have taken a vow of poverty and given everything away. I’m not inclined myself! I like my stuff. However, I am more conscientious about non-attachment to my “stuff” and have made an effort to be more generous in my day to day life.

I heard someone point out one time that anyone who is miserly with his money (and stuff) is also going to be miserly with his heart.


2 thoughts on “The peril of attachment

  1. Anonymous

    Sharing a fried pie with Jesus would have been a remarkable experience.
    Didn’t he remind us that “You can’t take it (to heaven) with you” ?
    So if you can’t eat it all……..
    Knocking around the world for a lifetime has brought me in contact with many types of people,
    the generous ones always seemed happier, and somehow better adjusted to life in general.
    All this having been said, I don’t think Jesus would begrudge us the fun of owning “stuff”.


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