Richard Rohr and Faith

I have made several references to the books of Richard Rohr.  Richard is a Franciscan monk who emphasizes meditative prayer and a contemplative faith.  Though he is passionate in affirmation of his Catholic faith, he does not dismiss the grievous errors of the Catholic church and its tendency to be dogmatic and power-mongering.  Of course, this can be said of any faith, of any ideology that has ever come along.

Two of his books in particular have really spoken to me.  The Naked Now emphasizes a non-dualistic approach to the Christian tradition and to any other tradition that we might subscribe to.  We are all trapped in the time/space continuum and we have a difficult time ever transcending that dimension, that abyss of a dualistic view of the world.

He also has a book of meditations out, which is just a compendium of wisdom from his various books, speeches, sermons, and audio recordings—Radical Grace:  Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr.

Rohr emphasizes the need of escaping dogmatism.  If our faith is going to be real, and therefore efficacious in our life and in our world, it has to be more than the mere regurgitation of dogma that we have been inculculated with.

Check out the following link to learn more about his daily affirmations that are available by email.

And I close with the wisdom of Leonard Cohen:  O bless this continual stutter of the Word being made flesh.



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