Tebowing explained

Have you heard of Tebow-ing?  Rabbi Joshua Hess (see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rabbi-joshua-hess) defines it as “kneeling to pray even though it has nothing to do with what is going on around you.”  And, of course, I make reference to the ceremonial prayer in the end zone that Quarterback Tim Tebow makes after scoring a touchdown.  I personally think other religious expressions should follow suit.  Perhaps we could see a brief communion service in the end zone, or perhaps a feigned circumcision, perhaps a few strokes of a Tai Chi ritual, or even the sacrifice of a goat.  Actually, I hope that eventually this non-sense will be forbidden and anytime piety overcomes the football hero and he forgets and trots out his ceremony, the referee would drop a flag, and instead of hand gestures to describe the offense, he would quickly kneel, and looking up to heaven as if in prayer would intone, “15 yard penalty on No. 15, Tebow-ing, penalty to be assessed on following kick off.”

Seriously, I’m glad that Tebow has the gift of faith and I hope this faith continues as he matures.  And as he matures, I hope he will realize that ostentatious displays of piety are just that—ostentation—“Hey, everyone look at me!  Not only did I score a touchdown, but I am pious.”  Now, I’m sure this is what going on.  I know.  Been there and done that…..well, I mean I have trotted out the ostentatious piety though certainly not after having scored a touchdown!  I conjecture that Tebow “wears” his faith right now.  In time to come it will become more personal and he will not have to trot it out when it is completely unrelated to the context.


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