Herman Cain’s homecoming

Well, Herman Cain has spent the night at home with his wife of 37 years.  Boy, did they have lots to talk about.  I wish C-Span could have had its camera there.

I have a suggestion for SNL tonite re how to sketch this homecoming. The sketch would show him walking up to the door of his house, pizza in one hand and a huge King James Bible in the other.  He would attempt to unlock the door and the key would not fit.  He would then knock, first tentatively and then firmly.  After an awkward moment, Gloria would open the door, looking disheveled with a shot glass in her hand.  “Honey, I’m home,” he’d announce with enthusiasm  . Seriously, he has steadily demonstrated that he is in over his head and I’m not even talking about the bimbo factor. I think of him as occupying the Sarah Palin chair of the Republican campaign, triumping for that honor even over the formidable candidacy of Michelle Bachman.

Back during the late summer, early fall, the Republican Party should have put all of them on a flatbed truck and carted them around the various county fairs in the deep South.  It would have been quiet a show.  It would have created a real delimma for me though, forcing me to choose between the GOP candidates and the two-headed woman and the conjoined twins.



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