Beauty is always present!

Life is filled with suffering, but it is also filled with many wonders, like the blue sky, the sunshine, the eyes of a baby.  To suffer is not enough.  We must also be in touch with the wonders of life.  They are within us and all around us, everywhere, anytime.  Thich  Nhat Hanh (Being Peace).

Do you ever get caught up in your sorrows and disappointments so that you lose perspective?  I sure do.  But it helps me when I catch myself doing this to stop for a moment, to pause, to exercise “mindfulness”, and appreciate the beauty that is around me.  And, if this beauty is not immediately present, I can recall the beauty that I have seen and will see again.

I have here just one glimpse of beauty that was caught by my mother-in-law’s eye several years ago.  It is stunning.  And deer, and birds, and squirrels, and the rest of god’s critters are just marvelous.  And I didn’t even mention dachshund puppies who just totally slay me, especially the two that I own.



4 thoughts on “Beauty is always present!

  1. InnerDialect

    To suffer is not enough. We must also be in touch with the wonders of life. They are within us and all around us, everywhere, anytime.
    Thich Nhat Hanh (Being Peace).: what lang is this ? ……

    Ive posted on my FB page .. without askn ? This one brought me tears of joy : oh to suffer is not enough…. am slayn :)))


    1. literary lew Post author

      Not for sure about the language, though Hanh was Vietnamese. Thanks always for posting on FB. I’m going to be on FB myself real soon if I can gain assurance that I can set up adequate privacy standards.


      1. InnerDialect

        ” The wonders of life are within…”

        🙂 perfect !

        Unsure what guarantee of safety we can be sure of, see its a wild world sir. Writers live dangerously : isnt that some thing ?
        You’re welcome. I personally like FB or whatever Blog, irrespective of response. Its made me look at me from a distance.. and sometimes thru other peoples’ voice…


      2. literary lew Post author

        Someone once said, “To have a perspective on our perspective is to somehow escape it.” I will try to get you an email today telling you a bit about my favorite subject—ME! (:


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