Note re Christopher Hitchens

-I was so sorry to see Christopher Hitchens go. He fought a brave fight and did
so even before he had cancer. Yes, he was arrogant very often, especially in
regards to those of us who deign to have faith. He was brutal to Mother
Theresa. He shouldn’t have been. But I forgive him, I know that Mother Theresa
does, and so does his Source.

I admire someone who “fights the good fight” and Christopher did indeed. I only
know what I’ve read, but he seemed to have a pretty good ride on “this old

Let us all be humble. Christopher needed to heed this advice more than he did.
But, God have I ever been so arrogant so much of the time. And I might add, I
have been so arrogant with my “humility” which is to say that I wasn’t being
very humble. As T.S. Eliot noted, “The only wisdom we can hope to acquire is
the wisdom of humility. And humility is endless.”

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