Republican identity crisis

It is fun to watch the Republicans re-define themselves even though that is not what they had, or have, in mind.  They have a real identity crisis on their hands and I hope I live long enough to see how it ends up.  They are now poised to nominate Romney and he is so foreign to their ideals.  And in their virulent hatred of him and what he represents, they have been forced to attack basic Republican ideals, i.e. standard “business” practices.

But re-definition is good for us all and is applicable to all political parties and all concerns.  As T. S. Eliot noted, “We wrestle with words and meanings” and one purpose in life is to “purify the dialect of the tribe.”

Now this is really mean-spirited of me.  But all of you….ahem, both of you…know that mean spiritedness is not above me—I just love the notion that extreme right-wing, bible-thumping, fundamentalist Christians might have to choose between Mitt Romney (a “Mormon”) and a liberal Democrat who happens to be a “black man.”  That will put them in a tough spot.  My money is on the liklihood they will vote for “the Mormon” over “the black man.”  Yes, that delimma will get their panties in a wad.


One thought on “Republican identity crisis

  1. Rick Kirkpatrick

    You seem to get a lot of enjoyment from this dilemma. I remember reading something about how you can tell a lot about a man by which things he gains his enjoyment. Hmmmmm.
    However, I may be wrong about this. Perhaps Literary Lew can find the original statement and correct me… or comment on it.

    This is not meant be mean-spirited. It is just the results of your post doing its work. Making your readership think! Keep up the good work.



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