Darkness and Poor Choices

Life is incredible difficult at times. And then, at the end we die. It certainly must have been easier before we developed consciousness, the “knowledge of good and evil”. But, we can’t go back. As Sartre noted, there is “No Exit.”

Most of us cope adequately at least. But there are so many who do not have the resources to cope and life just beats the hell out of them. I know a few who fall into this category and they struggle even though they have so much going for them. Auden likened them unto the “toy of some great pain.” It is as if some darkness has enthralled them and will not let them go and it has nothing to do with intelligence, or will power, or moral integrity.

People in the grip of this pain often despair completely and make horrible choices, some of which we read about in the head lines. Others lead “lives of quiet desperation.” We must always remember that:

The Void desires to have you for its creature,
A doll through whom It may ventriloquise
Its vast resentment as your very own,
Because Negation has nor form nor feature,
And all Its lust to power is impotent
Unless the actual It hates consent.
(W. H. Auden)


5 thoughts on “Darkness and Poor Choices

  1. Debbie

    Lew – I went from a life of quiet desperation to the pain of despair. Nobody had a clue.
    One morning around 4 a.m., I took an ramp off the interstate at too high of a speed and rolled my Camry- recklessly but accidentally.
    The car was totaled. I didn’t have a scratch externally, but I was long past being internally totaled.. I was so disappointed to still be alive.
    That day, 6 1/2 years ago, I knew I had to make so serious changes.
    I never forget.


    1. literary lew Post author

      Wow. I’ve never been there. But, I don’t know why. I fear it is only intellectual denial. “To name the abyss is the avoid it.” I’m glad that you entered that abyss and are surviving. That takes faith. Thanks for sharing. I’m deeply touched.


  2. Juanmanuel Cunningham Armas

    I follow closely your Blog, from all the posts you have written lately this one has struck a personal nerve. It is true, sometimes when you are in the dark it is hard to follow your right senses. it is scientifically proven that you cannot walk in a straight line blindfolded or in total darkness. We always need a North or a Horizon to follow while walking this life . Regards and thank you for your wonderful messages.



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