Ignorance is still bliss!

I would like to recommend an excellent blog to you: http://lowellsblog.blogspot.com/. Lowell is an Episcopalian priest who emphasizes meditation in his ministry. He is very thoughtful and very humble.

I would like to share a couple of his thoughts from yesterday’s blog:

I don’t know now what I don’t know, but God grant me the courage to turn away from my falseness whenever the Spirit of truth comes and guides me into new truth, no matter how scary or humbling it may seem.

Lowell values ignorance like I do. He knows that he does not know a whole lot. And he views faith as the process of learning more and more just how little we know and how that in this process we are always getting closer to our goal. Whatever that is! And yes, our “falseness’ is a steady foe. It never leaves us; for, we always “see through a glass darkly” and tend too often to take our “darkly” view too seriously.

But there is also the need to jettison old ideas and attachments that no longer work. I think it was Teresa of Avila who said something like, “God in mercy never makes us aware of our sin until God has also given us the grace to confess it.”

Our shortcomings mercifully come to us when we are ready for them. Oh would it be painful otherwise! I think narcissism is a basic human flaw. If I’d have seen my narcissism decades ago, it would have blown my mind! Now, when it peaks at me from time to time, I feel the sting of self-awareness, practice that Thich Nhat Hanh “half-smile”, and continue along my way.


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