O’Bama Care Decision

The conservative extremists’ reaction to the John Roberts role in the recent Supreme Court decision re O’Bama Care illustrates my obsessive concern with ideologues. When you are dealing with an ideologue, you are dealing with someone who is out of touch with reality, someone who would prefer “winning” over anything else, someone who must be “right” over anything else. And when someone who is “on their side” suddenly gets an independent streak and thinks contrary to the party-line, their welfare is in jeopardy. (By “welfare”, I mean their approval by their in-group; but in rarest extremes, even their physical welfare will be in jeopardy.)

And as noted so frequently, this extremism is not the exclusive domain of conservatives! I encourage you again to watch the video posted last week of Jonathan Haidt regarding moral absolutism. Google his name and there are several other videos of him available, including one with Stephen Colbert.   AND, though he is an avowed “liberal”, his conclusions are not always in favor of “liberals.” Imagine that!

Here is the Haidt link from last week:



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