Living in the Light of a Dead Star


Le Monde recently ran an interview by Greek playwright, Dimitris Dimitriadis, in which he provided a critique of the current Greek/EU crisis which is relevant to our own country. He described recent Greek history as like “living in the light of a dead star” and described his country as refusing to accept its “own transience, and is hostile to other identities—a country which…cannot accept what it calls the enemy, and is unable to see that the ‘enemy’ is the prospect of its own future. Greece is characterized by a sort of stagnation, and an unchanging mentality: we stick with our old psychological and social habits, our lives are sustained by a dead tradition, which we never think of renewing.” He noted the marvelous history of his culture then noted that it is “stuck in the mechanism of history…and has been petrified in the form of clichés and stereotypes.”

Dimitriadis also made reference to the spiritual nature of this problem, declaring that the only resolution is the acceptance of a death of an old way of life out of which can come the new. In other words, he was saying that we have to accept change. And, change does not have to destroy tradition but, if brought about with mature leadership, can actually revivify sterile and moribund tradition

(AFTERTHOUGHT: I read this Le Monde interview in Presseurop on the internet. Presseurop is a composite of various European newspapers available in English. It provides an interesting perspective on the European circumstances which we hear so much about daily, all of which is very relevant our own country.)



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