More re “Our Thoughts Become Us”

I would like to share further re my variant of Mike Dooley’s wisdom, “Thoughts are things.  Choose the good ones.”  We are teeming with thoughts and these thoughts make up our reality.  According to cognitive behavioral therapy, they shape our behavior even though reciprocally our behavior shapes out thoughts.  It behooves us to pay attention to our thoughts from time to time, perhaps to practice the “mindfulness” taught by the Buddhists, and not allow maladaptive thoughts to hold sway over our lives.

For example, if one realizes that hatred often predominates in his/he heart, he/she needs to be given pause.  In our current political climate, hatred appears to predominate more so than I ever remember.  And I do not mean mere disapproval or dislike of the other party or candidate; that is to be understood.  But pure, unmitigated hatred often appears to be the ruling force in this political campaign and often it is the media which is fomenting this poison.

Let’s take O’Bama.  Now he is a liberal Democrat and I can certainly understand conservatives firmly opposing him and even doing so with great passion.  But when those who find themselves actually hating him  they really need to get honest with themselves and realize they are full of hatred which has nothing to do with O’Bama.

But intense emotion, especially hatred, is a powerful political tool.  People are much more likely to vote on the basis of emotion than reason though they are always going to announce with great conviction the “reasonable” nature of their convictions.


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