I Hate Intolerant People!

Yeah!  I hate’em!  And I thank they should be all lined up and shot!

Ok, ok.  I hope you understand irony.  I speak in jest.  But it is important to recognize that even those we deem “intolerant” deserve a certain amount of respect.  But how much is a judgment call.  There is certainly a time when one must speak out against intolerance; but certainly not every time.

Sometimes it takes patience to respect people that are different than us.  It is just so very apparent that they should see things differently  But, of course, there is the catch—who gets to define “should”?

And here I am in the morass of “relativism”, that murky domain which I was taught to eschew as a child.  Oh how wonderfully safe and secure it was!   (Oh, to be honest, it was not a very pretty world!  It was unreality.)


6 thoughts on “I Hate Intolerant People!

  1. mtsweat

    Love it good friend! Love it. I’m currently working my way through a recent purchase. Carson’s “The Intolerance of Tolerance.” He sees the definition of tolerance as having evolved into something much different than it was for previous generations. Instead of a willingness to put up with, allow, or endure, the new tolerance is a social commitment to treat all ideas and people as equally right… save for those who disagree with the new definition of tolerance of course. Interesting stuff. You still got me with your intro line. 🙂


  2. waterlexeme

    Of course nobody really likes to be “tolerated”. As one of my in-laws put it, when she finally felt that our socially dubious “lifestyle” had crossed some arbitrary line she keeps in her head, “Tolerance only goes so far.” Yes, indeed my dear it does. After that it has to start exposing the true prejudices that sit bubbling below our liberal veneer. Not that I don’t have my own set of “intolerances”, I just find it so much easier to recognise them in other people, for some reason.



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