Richard Mourdock’s God

Richard Mourdock’s observation about God and rape speaks volumes about himself and the inner machinations of his own heart. I have suggested before that our view of God speaks much more about our own heart than it does about God. Mourdock’s God is confined to time and space and He is meticulously, even mechanically in control. Therefore if conception occurs in rape, then God must will it. His God is a really big guy sitting up on some celestial throne, very far away but definitely “out there” in terms of time and space, and pulling the strings of our day to day life.

I believe strongly in God. But I don’t believe in my belief of God. God is beyond my belief. My belief is a work of faith. My faith has deepened once I came to realize the limitations of my own reason and its ability to grasp and own God. But I must reiterate that I am not disavowing the role and use of reason. It is a gift from God and must be used. But it can easily be misused to contrive a belief system which is actually only a reflection of our childish, self-centered ego. “They call it reason, using light celestial; just to outdo the beasts in being bestial.” (Goethe) Or, another quote the author of which I no longer recall, “Our thinking is the belated rationalization of conclusions to which we have already been led by our desires.”


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