Paean to Modern Evangelical Faith

I am an ex-evangelical but one who avoided “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” I am very comfortable with my non-evangelical faith and could never go back. BUT, my heart still lies with evangelical emphases, most specifically an appreciation for the Bible. And I take great heart to have discovered in the past year or so a lot of evangelicals on the blog-o-sphere who have found that they can make adjustments to the modern world and not jeopardize the basics of their faith. God does not need any of his followers to bury their head in the sand, refuse to approach the scripture and faith with intelligence and critical thought, and rely with hackneyed bromides like, “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.”

Here I share from one of these bloggers who this morning was high-lighted by, and you might have to “cut and paste” into your browser:


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