A Picture of Me Being Enlightened!

I finally “saw the light” and it hit me like 240 volts, as you can see.

Yes, I was reading in the book of Deuteronomy, wholly consumed by the intricacies and hidden meaning of the “begots”, and suddenly I felt a rumbling in my bowels, my head felt faint, and suddenly it got me! Seriously, a good friend of mine and I were having coffee last year and were kidding each other about our respective quests for “enlightment” decades ago. We were chuckling at our immature and ego-ridden our quest was. And I certainly admire anyone who seeks spiritual maturity under any guise, and all such seekings have ego involvement, but mercifully if we are patient enough God will address that ego. Actually, he will begin to address that ego as His work will continue the rest of our life on that issue.

6 thoughts on “A Picture of Me Being Enlightened!

  1. Trans space

    Especially because ego is a conventional construct that arises specifically out of the intent of investigation. How wonderfully ironic. !


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    1. literary lew Post author

      A friend of mine has a filter on his fancy phone. I’ll find out the details and pass them on to you. I would love to see you “enlightened” in this sense also!!!!



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