In Praise of Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is still going strong as he approaches his 90th birthday!  He is incredible!  And, he appears more lucid and coherent and “together” than does “literarylew” on occasion!  Though I would not deign to “pile on” and diminish his presidency, the real work of his life has taken place in the 33 years since he lost the 1980 election to Reagan.  And, I know this loss must have been a devastating experience for him.  He must have suffered immensely.  And, to make it worse, his presidency is often described as “ineffective” or as a “failure.”  But, he is holding his head high and is doing very important work with the Carter Foundation and with Habitat for Humanity.  In a video clip I will post here, he discusses with Jon Stewart his work in Africa in almost completely eradicating the Guinea worm.

I have suffered disappointment and even failure in my life.  And, I never just completely caved in and wallowed in despair…too long.  I too have pulled myself up from the floor and persevered.  But, if I had been in a position like Carter’s and had suffered an ignominious defeat at the hands of the American people, I don’t know if I could have gotten up off the floor.

But his life is a demonstration of faith, an embodiment of the New Testament observation that “Faith without works is dead.”  And though he has dissolved his ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, I’m sure his faith is very “Baptisty” even today.  (And, I might add, so is mine!)  I conjecture that he has found that his traditional Southern evangelical faith can withstand the scrutiny of a critical, intelligent mind and has even flourished as a result.

God appeared to me after this interview and told me that in a short time Jimmy will cross the river Styx and will find a very handsome golden mansion awaiting him.  And those streets will be embellished with an additional layer of gold.  And the angels will fete him as will the other humans who have preceded him into that celestial domain.  And he is going to give Jimmy a real hearty “Atta-boy.”–1


4 thoughts on “In Praise of Jimmy Carter

  1. N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ

    I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing. I noticed that Mr. Carter mentioned Bill Gates, who has financially supported his efforts. Bill Gates is an agnostic/atheist. It’s great to see that both believers and unbelievers can come together for the common good. As of 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates were the second most generous philanthropists in America, having given over $28 billion to charity.

    According to the New Testament (John 3:18), Bill is condemned and that without faith, his works don’t matter. So according to many who believe this, he won’t be walking streets of gold in a celestial domain, nor get an atta-boy’. But what he’s doing on planet earth (giving over 1/2 his fortune away without incentive for a heavenly reward) to advance human rights, education, and human suffering, is commendable.

    I also appreciate what Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter have done, not only with Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Foundation, but in spreading awareness about how religion, including their own religion, has harmed women. Mr. Carter has been quite proactive, globally, for several years.

    He supports equality for women but also marriage equality for lesbians and gays. Jimmy and Rosalyn have my utmost respect for helping advance human rights and alleviate human suffering while in the midst of immense condemnation from conservative Christians who recently accused him of being an apostate and false teacher.

    Btw, Lewis, I have no doubt in my mind that you possess an inner strength to weather similar storms as Mr. Carter has weathered, and continues to weather This, I feel certain.


    1. literary lew Post author

      Thanks for your response and observations. As for those who are so sure that Bill and Melinda will not make it to “heaven,” they merely reveal the darkness to which they are confined, confined by their own choices. They can take the Bible, or any Holy Writ, and without a critical view come to believe any bit of non-sense that their biases predispose them. I loathe that b.s.


    2. literary lew Post author

      I apparently have the strength to weather this “inner storm.” Anyway, “so far, so good.” But it is stormy. So stormy. And soul mates like you…and Sandeep…and a bunch of others, in cyber-land and in RT, make it bearable.



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