Shiva vs Vishnu (Republicans vs Democrats!)

I am now admittedly “recycling” material. And, I really have not “run out of soap” it is just that some of the “stuff” I felt important a year ago appears even more important today. For example, Jonathan Haidt’s Ted Talks discourse re “The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives” ( appears even more relevant today. And, yes, part of me would, admittedly, like to trot this stuff out with Haidt’s reassurance that “liberals (are) good, conservatives (are) bad”. But, that just is not the case…and actually I’m very proud of that. The “good vs bad” issue is merely another version of a basic dimension of human evil, that tendency to bifurcate our world into “us” vs “them”. Haidt describes this as a tribal “need to be right” which is a problem that “literarylew”, with all of his moral superiority (wink, wink…again), is not immune to. Haidt emphasizes in this lecture that the conservative/liberal conflict embodies the eternal conflict between the need for stability vs. change. We must have both. If either, predominates our civilization is in deep “do-do.” The Vedas offered the polarity of Shiva as opposed to Vishnu, Shiva being associated with generation and destruction (change) and Vishnu being associated with preservation, with Brahma (the Creator) sometimes embodying all three roles in himself.

4 thoughts on “Shiva vs Vishnu (Republicans vs Democrats!)

  1. Sandeep Bhalla

    I would agree that Good vs. Bad is the worst way to assess anything as grown up. But toddlers have to be told like that to avoid dangers like electric socket and fire etc. and the habit gets struck. BTW what change you are referring? Gun control laws? Isn’t it?



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