Puppies & Flowers All Over the Place

A "puppy" and flowers near Taos, NM

The “puppy” sends his apologies for the social indiscretion!

Decades ago a friend told of her four year old son casually expressing his delight with a springtime morning, describing it as “puppies and flowers all over the place.” I was stunned that a child so young could capture the beauty of the world so eloquently and create a poetic image with complete childhood innocence.

At times I now see this pristine beauty that he saw and have faint memories of my own innocent apprehension of that beauty, though mine are “sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought” that Hamlet lamented. Childhood is a magical world and it is sad that we have to say good-bye to it at some point.

But, do we? Well, in a way we do for we have to enter another world if we are to become “human” though if things work out well we will always have access to that childhood innocence though it will probably come to us with some taint of “adulthood.” Children are our most precious resource and should be our number one priority. That innocence needs to be respected as it is the matrix in which the child’s nascent soul, constituted only moments earlier, is given direction and purpose. If that child is allowed to see “puppies and flowers all over the place” quite often, he/she will be able to unfold more as God intended than if he/she is buffeted my misfortune and disappointment most of the time.

These thoughts were inspired by a blog I read this morning from a friend in India who still has that childhood purity and innocence in her adulthood:

Too many good things confuse me especially in May when the flowers are out and wearing Rain, like hi-fashion ear drops. People look great, smiling. I talk to strangers, they talk back. What’s this ? It is beautiful, a Peace returning. Storms wear pretty coats, gray silver lining and gentle breathing songs. Koyal. Milkmen on cycles, newspaper boys fabulous eyes fringed with lash.

I must always go on these walks. I forgave Ms Lily K for the yelling I got flunking a Maths test and how I wept all over my blue pinafore that noon after school, pigtail come loose with shock and horror….

I finally forgave her ; she looked great with the morning light now bright in her little curls. Weird that we remember her curls now, so many dawns down the calendar since that day.

Walks should not be too long. I might bring down all my defenses, all barbed wire and put up friendly posts everywhere… uh. Just a lil walk ‘ll do. Too much heaven complicates this earthling…

(See http://innerdialect.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/too-many-good-things-confuse-me/)


17 thoughts on “Puppies & Flowers All Over the Place

  1. N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ

    So great to see you back, Lewis. Lovely post. I do think that adults have made a great mistaken throughout recorded history by believing (indoctrination) that children were/are resources rather than human beings, and we’ve paid the price for it dearly, as those children became adults.

    IMO, Heaven or Nirvana is recapturing those magical moments when as children we saw beauty and wonder in nature and between humans that adults have culturally learned to devalue.

    The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us. ~ Eugene Ionesco

    He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. ~Albert Einstein


    1. literary lew Post author

      I always appreciate hearing from you. And I love the quotes. Yes, our hearts yearn for the innocence of childhood.and in spite of the ego’s whisperings, we can have it without losing the advantages of maturity. Thanks again.


  2. jeglatter

    Beautiful post about vulnerability. I seem to have always stopped walking before that kind of walk gets too long.:)


  3. InnerDialect

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :))) Fantastic Man-cub now why’d I say that. Was a compliment – I love that you wrote Puppies into it. May I re post on Lyrix ? ( This writing Biz is a contagion, but thank you so much. I did NOT go on my walk today. But this Post was Pure delight


  4. rihaansh

    .thanks literary lew, feeling am very much normal. great post. liked it a lot.
    must say nuero notes u add on power packs to the sharp shooting heads.


      1. rihaansh

        oh am so sorry. lemme explain. have been following u three ie lew, u and bhallaji for quite some time. u three together turn any posts into fantastic one. when i say this am not taking away the credit of post itself, which initiates like a sharp shooting head of a rocket which has its own significance. the comments followed by it are like power packs which has equal magnitude and significance. 🙂


      2. literary lew Post author

        Oh, now I understand and deeply appreciate your observation. I hope Sandeep and NeuroNotes also see this as perhaps we three need to start another discussion. There is real chemistry between us and get involved in some provocative ideas which apparently are of interest to a few others. And I appreciate your interest. And, I liked your cryptic description which did not make sense initially but now does once you have explained it. And, I might add, I like images and ideas that don’t initially make sense because as they are discussed and explained, I learn something. T. S. Eliot is relevant again: “We wrestle with words and meanings.” Thanks so much. And, my “to be or not to be” discourse is currently incubating. Be patient! Thanks so much for being involved in dialogue. This is very helpful to me on many levels, including that damn writers’s block.


      3. N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ

        Rihaansh, I feel honored. Thank you for the clarification and for taking the time to read my posts. IMO, the best part about WordPress is the community and discourse. I have met people all over the world who have come to be lifelong friends.

        As a side note, I’ve read several of your blog postings after following you a few months ago. Your ability to write with such authenticity is a gift. Your essence shines through. This weekend I watched Life of Pi for the first time. I loved the movie. Pi’s essence reminded me of yours.


  5. rihaansh

    pl stop it -_- 🙂 thank u so much. have no words to express my gratitude. feeling am lucky that i found u people. thanx once again. keen to watch pi now.



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