“Where There is no Vision…”

The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men (and women) who dream of things that never were.

I ran across this quotation from John F. Kennedy last week in a classroom and was stunned by its wisdom. Kennedy knew that “obvious reality” would not resolve the difficult situations that faced the world in his day, that resolution of those problems would only come through those who dared to dream, or envision. I immediately thought of the verse from Proverbs, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

The “obvious reality” that we face each day is a necessary evil. We must have this ego-contrived structure to keep this dog-and-pony show afloat. But, there is another reality…i.e. “Reality…that we need to draw upon to address the problems in our world, a world of dreams and visions. Venturing into that world is a spiritual adventure, a journey into realms where it feels as if “no man has gone before.” But if we cling only to the “obvious’ we will continue to stew in our own juices, never able to “get over ourselves.” I discovered relevant wisdom from the East from an unknown source this morning, “Known is a drop, Unknown is an ocean.”

This obsessive slavery to the known “obvious reality” is apparent in our current Congress. The God that Congress currently worships is “Getting Re-elected” and not the Judeo-Christian deity that most of them purport to worship. And, to them, it is quite “obvious” that they must get re-elected as that only will allow them to pursue their agenda. But, there are more important things than the “obvious” and one’s own “agenda”. If a legislator is enslaved by the desire to maintain his/her office, he/she inevitably prostitutes him/herself to an electorate just to maintain electoral viability. And when that happens, “there is no vision and the people perish.”

Now it must be noted, we can’t lay all of the blame on Congress. We elected them and they reflect the values of our culture. We too are enslaved by the “obvious” and balk at venturing into the Unknown where true value is found, where our spiritual roots can be explored.



4 thoughts on ““Where There is no Vision…”

  1. silentfingers

    I really enjoyed reading between the luminous and aphotic zones of this significant post. I believe more than ever “the world” is calling out to us through “obscure yet, obvious realities” to look within ourselves in finding ways to annihilate the ego. Indeed, every aspect of our lives have been politicized — and to dwell between sanity and “this illogic”, while keeping the self from being enslaved by “demigods” — nourishment of the soul through spiritualism is certainly “the first call”.
    Sire, please forgive me if I came on too strong with my view here — my ink at times are far more vocal than it should *smile*
    Dear Lew, I’m so glad to have found your profound blog!


    1. literary lew Post author

      My dear friend, you cannot imagine how important your encouragement is to me. I feel so alone, even though I am very much involved in my corner of this world. I think I am blogging because I need contact with souls such as yours to encourage me. I have always been more a citizen of this world than merely of “Smallville”, Arkansas. (Ok, I will reveal to you its real name—Magnet Cove, Arkansas!) No, my dear friend, you did not come on too strong and could never do so. Come on with all the intensity and passion that you have to bear. I will try to meet you in kind. You are a brilliant writer. I need what you have to offer.



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