2nd Try Re FYI Re Blogging…

I have not been posting very often the last few months but intend to “gird up my loins” real soon and resume my verbal sojourn in the cyber world where I have met so many friends.

I’m now vacationing in Taos, NM and when I return home and organize my photos I hope to post a few observations about this fabulous mountain village and include a few photographs. It is a special place and my wife, and two lovely dachshunds, trek out here at least once a year to enjoy the mountain air, the lovely art and architecture, food, and people. And, I am always captivated by the knowledge that one of my literary heroes, D. H. Lawrence, also found the place enchanting and lived her for several years in the early 20th century.

I am posting this item by e-mail as I don’t have access to my WP account out here due to my technical lameness re WP. So, bear with me on any formatting awkwardness that you might note. And, on the general theme of this “awkwardness”, I would appreciate any feedback that you could offer regarding the technical aspects of this operation. I constantly run into problems which I cannot figure out and cannot find anyone local who can tutor me in person. Several of you have already given me a hand on this note and I appreciate it. And, of course, continue to give me feedback on the “literary” efforts of this enterprise. Just make sure you always agree with me. (wink, wink)


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