The Tea Party Did It!!!

Of course, I am being ironic and I am speaking from experience. When growing up I was taught to blame “the world” or “Satan” or those “dang liberals” and it worked really well for decades. But, finally Reality bit me in the butt in my mid-thirties and I had to begin the arduous task of withdrawing my projections and accepting responsibility for my life.. I had to slowly learn that choices I had made, and was making, shaped my life and that I had at any particular moment the power to make better choices, better choices which could improve my lot in life. No, suddenly repenting like that (and “repenting” actually means “changing”) did not undo the bad choices I had made but it lessened the impact of some of them and empowered me to make better one’s in the present which could positively shape the unfolding of my life.

I found it really fascinating last week as the Tea Party and Republican party finally began to hear the giant sucking sound that has been toying with them for decades, their standard bearer, Senator Ted Cruz, came out and announced, “President Obama is trying to destroy the Republican Party.” Wow! Republicans themselves were openly discussing the disarray among their ranks and finally acknowledging the identity crisis that has been percolating in their soul for at least the past eight years. Anyone looking on with any meta-cognitive grasp of the world could see that the risk of destruction for the Republican party was from within its own ranks not from without But, demagogues like Cruz can never own up to their own faults and probably sincerely do not see them. They always have to project the cause of their misfortune outside of themselves, a procedure which resonates with the dispossessed who constitute the hyper-conservative wing of their base.

Obama would never wish for the destruction of the conservative voice in our political process as he knows it would bring calamity. He knows there must be dialogue and dialogue can take place only where there are different “presences” present. And if there is no “difference” present in any discussion, there is only an echo chamber. And an “echo chamber” ultimately leads to an expression of the Taliban that is present in all of our hearts.


2 thoughts on “The Tea Party Did It!!!

  1. Bill

    Hi Lew,

    Some Tea Party methods may not be as graceful as you’d like, but based on the average American’s belief that stealing (generational theft) is perfectly ok. It seems to me it’s the average American who is the extremist, NOT the Tea Party member.

    America is $17 trillion in debt mostly because Americans see nothing wrong with stealing from their kids and grandkids to pay for their govt programs, pensions, and policies, etc.

    Also, the average American is grossly ignorant of how products, services, and economic prosperity are created. They seem to think govt programs can create wealth, when in fact govt policies can only encourage or discourage beneficial economic activity.

    Some terrible force has blinded Americans from seeing the elephant-in-the-room, causing them to compare concerned law-abiding constitution-respecting Americans with Taliban murderers, while they simultaneously are ripping-off their children’s future.



    1. literary lew Post author

      What you are describing is a spiritual problem that besets our country, living only for ourselves with little or no regard for the consequences of our actions. To use a clinical term, there is a “hole in our soul” and we seek to fill it with “stuff” and so actually we are addicts. I agree with you that we are not giving due consideration to future generations but this is a spiritual problem, not a political problem though “spirituality” and politics must not be disconnected. But our “spirituality” must encourage and facilitate seeing beyond the tip of our noses and most “spirituality” cannot even fathom that notion. And the ersatz “spirituality” that compels our extremists, many of the “religious right”, sips from the same poisonous well that serves the Taliban. This is not to dismiss the entire “religious right” at all. It is merely a critique of the extremist firebrands who would wreak havoc on the entire country and world merely to prove a point, to assure themselves that they are “right.” Being “right” is a real problem and I speak from experience, having grown up thinking it was possible and even now seeing that childish need rear its ugly head in my heart from time to time.



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