Rumi Spoke to Me This Morning Again!

I am in You and I am You…
No one can understand this
Until he has lost his mind !

Rumi continues to speak to me, having subscribed to “Rumi Quotes” on Facebook. This bit of wisdom reminds me of something that Fritz Perls said decades ago when he was in the vogue, “Let go of your mind and come to your senses.” And then one of my favorites expressions of this kernel of wisdom was from an ancient Eastern teacher whose names I can’t recall, “Sanity is a hair cloth sheathe with a jewel underneath.”

But, once again, this “wisdom” makes no sense at all. It is just “nuts”. Well, at least to that increasingly dormant “literallew” that will always be with me. When I get to heaven, I’m gonna chide God for not letting me learn about this wisdom sooner in my life though I will have to be careful as he could respond with a surly, “To hell with you!”  Of course, He will mischieveously smile and wink approvingly of my audacity!  He really does have a sense of humor.


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