Finally, I’m “Somebody!”

“The Jerk” is one of my favorite movies and my favorite scene is when the star, Steve Martin, discovers he listed in the phone book for the first time and announces with great delight, “I’m somebody! I’m somebody!” Well, only yesterday I had similar delight when I discovered by accident that this literary venture here is ranked #800,000 or so (out of who knows?), produces income of $.36 per day and has a value of $139.00. What a hoot! About the only thing sillier than “holding forth” like I do in this blog is compiling statistics about completely unknown bloggers like myself! Like many other bloggers have noted, I often wonder why I do this? “What’s the point?” Well, I don’t know. But I gotta get this “stuff” out somewhere and better here than the “street preaching” I used to do before they tarred and feathered me and ran me out of several towns. Btw, I’ll sell this verbal dog-and-pony show for half price any day. I’m expecting a deluge of offers.

I think one of these days I will pass on and will suddenly find myself before God. He’ll see me coming and immediately roll his eyes and groan, whispering soto voce to a colleague, “How in the hell did this guy get up here? I intended to let him live for ever just to avoid having to deal with him.” Then He’ll say, “Ok, Literarylew, get your ass on up here and let’s see what you’re worth.” Then I’ll remember the value cited earlier and my heart will sink.


2 thoughts on “Finally, I’m “Somebody!”

  1. Anne-Marie

    I had to smile. I’ve wanted to be somebody, and never got there. As we are learning to laugh at ourselves and let go, we realise that although we are just a speck in the bigger scheme of things, our lives can and do matter! And more than we know!

    I’ve also noticed that we are learning to appreciate and value others more for who they are and are willing to learn from them. Big shift for me!


    1. 21stcenturyxstian Post author

      Oh, such a big shift for both of us! I think it amounts to “getting over our self” which is what I think Jesus told us we must lose our life to find it. But when one is raised in Christiandom, it is had to fathom the notion that there is any “thing” to get over in our heart. Thanks.



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