The GOP, Tom Cotton, and Blame Games

The U.S. Congress recently sent a letter to Iran which warned them that any deal with President Obama (and other world leaders involved with him) could readily be discarded with election of a new President in 2016. Even Republicans are viewing this intrusion as being beyond the pale, and a usurpation of Presidential prerogative.

But with the heat that these 47 Senators are now facing, their response is, “It is the fault of Obama.” They argue that Obama’s heavy-handedness has forced them to take this extraordinary unusual step. But any decision that we make occurs in a context and is influenced by elements in that context. But those of us who have matured enough to use our forebrain, know that we must accept responsibility for our actions and cannot “blame” them on others. If we do so, we are in the mindset of Isis and other extremist organizations which refuse to own their decisions and blame the United States for all of their woes. Being a mental health counselor and having worked mostly with adolescents, one of the basic problems I often had to deal with was teaching a client that at some point he/she had to accept responsibility for his/her decisions and stop blaming “momma and daddy.”

Blaming is away of avoiding the work of having deep convictions (or feelings) and being incapable of articulating them so that the resulting discussion with others can facilitate resolution of the pain theretofore unconscious.  By merely blaming, one can avoid the anguish of wrestling with the terror that is lurking beneath the surface in our life, a classic example being to blame God or the Devil.

T.S. Eliot understood the duplicity now apparent with the GOP, declaring, “Oh the shame of motives later revealed, and the awareness of things ill done, which once we took for exercise of virtue.”



One thought on “The GOP, Tom Cotton, and Blame Games

  1. Bonnie Roberts

    Well said. William Glasser is of the same mind of not blaming and taking responsibility for ones own behavior. You cannot blame your parents for everything your whole life long!

    Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:31:24 +0000 To:



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