More Confirmation of my Biases!

I just love it when I find something that confirms that my thoughts are valid. No, in my case this is not “confirmation bias” (epistemic closure) this is God telling me once again, “You are right!” And, btw, if I read something or hear something that does not offer me this reassurance, my immediate response is, “Of the Devil!”

Seriously, “Brain Pickings” is a wonderful Face Book page and on this occasion it has offered something that is relevant, and reassuring, of a line of meta-cognitive exploration I’ve pursued for decades. ( The author describes research that has explored perception and intuition and concluded that we do have the tendency to believe and think exactly as we wish to. Or as someone said once, “Our thinking is the belated rationalization of conclusions to which we’ve already been led by our desires.”

So, my friend, you are reading the “coinage of the brain” of one man who is comfortably ensconced in his “delusional state!” No, I don’t really mean that but I do realize that the mind trotting this “stuff” outs springs from a heart that seeks homeostasis. Yes, this narrow little prism through which I view the world is the latest version of one which I’ve had for 63 years and I do not want its subtle premises questioned. I will say, however, in fairness to myself that being blessed…or cursed…with meta-cognition running out of my backside, I find some willingness for this homeostasis to be shaken occasionally by Reality so that I’m increasingly able to make room for other people. May it always be so!


4 thoughts on “More Confirmation of my Biases!

  1. Anne-Marie

    For years, I tried so hard not to make a mistake. Of course, this was impossible and it stifled by creativity and enthusiasm and I often saw my work as being overwhelming and difficult. The wonderful thing is that, as I am learning to let go (and I don’t think I can do that on my own), through practises such as meditation, I am able to see that errors are one of the best learning tools. By relaxing and allowing myself the privilege of not feeling I have to have all the answers, I am more able to enjoy my work.

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  2. Anne-Marie

    Another thought. I’m starting to enjoy more and more reading the Benedictus (Luke 1: 68-79) in the morning and it begins with these words, “Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, who shepherds the people and sets them free…” and concludes, “Out of God’s deepest mercy a dawn will come from on high, light for those shadowed by death, a guide for our feet on the way to peace.” I relate all this to what you have been talking about…

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