Why I “Bother” to Blog

I’m sharing a blog that I greatly admire today.  This gentleman blogs, like myself, basically for self-expression.  He notes that he really does not care if anyone reads it; he writes merely to get it out.  I really can’t say I’m unconcerned with my “stats” report but I’ve not been deterred by poor response to something I toss “out there.”  In fact, the “poor response” that comes too often is really good for me as it provides me an opportunity to deal with disappointment that was once so great that I would not have attempted anything as “foolishly” blathering on like this.  T.S. Eliot encouraged us to “offer our deeds to oblivion” and cyber space is as much “oblivion” as I can deal with currently.  The “mother lode” of that stuff will come soon enough and I take comfort in the teachings of Jesus who told us…to paraphrase…”Chill out.  I gotcha covered.”

One of the primary motivations with this enterprise…and with Face Book…is simple human connection.  Yes, I am “connected” with community and friends and family but there is a richness that can be found when kindred spirits are met through this means also.  I have told several of my social media friends, “Winds of thought blow magniloquent meanings betwixt me and thee,” quoting Archibald MacLeish.

This gentleman I’m sharing with you today is definitely one of these kindred spirits.  He has wisdom at very early age when I was only beginning to discover the depth of language…and resisting it fiercely.  Here he so eloquently conveys the mystery of life, part of which is its incomprehensible ephemerality.




4 thoughts on “Why I “Bother” to Blog

  1. Monte Zerger

    “‘poor response’ that comes too often is really good for me”

    I have often felt that way about the fact that virtually no one has much of an interest, if any interest at all, in my passion – the symbolism of numbers. I know that if I am not following and honoring my passion, I am denying how I am “wired.” And then I would be turning up my nose at the Universe which did the wiring.

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  2. Karin

    I just saw that your name 21stcenturyxstian leads to a non-existing website:
    http://21stcenturyxstian/. Therefore, when you leave a comment somewhere and people click on your name, they will not be able to find your blog right away. If you would correct that under WP Admin > Users > My profile , then maybe more people would find your blog (but if you prefer to leave it like that and rather practice dealing with disappointment, that’s ok, too…)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing why you blog. Self-expression is important, I agree.

    Best wishes for your journey,



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