The End of Time & “The Blood Red Moon”

A blood-red moon is coming up shortly and the hyper conservative Christians are again being whipped into a frenzy by the likes of televangelist John Hagee who feverishly proclaim that this is a sure sign that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent.  Now growing up in a fundamentalist Baptist church, I’ve lived through six decades of this fear-mongering and remember so clearly how effective it was with me.  But what I haven’t admitted before is that I had mixed emotions—I was supposed to be excited that Jesus was finally coming back but I secretly wanted to live longer…and to get to have sex!  I got the impression there would not be any of those shenanigans in heaven!  (See John Hagee in a 10 minute spiel:

Part of me wants to snicker at this lunacy but mostly I’m just so sad, knowing that worldwide thousands of young people are being bludgeoned into Christianity…or other conservative faiths…because of fear-mongering of this sorts.  A good dose of fear every now and then will always “rally the troops” and intensify the loyalty to the church or group. However, I remember clearly that Jesus taught that “perfect love casteth out fear” so that convinces me He would not feel he needs to rely on fear mongering to coerce people…especially little children…into the fold.

The real issue is the fear of death which I have used my Christian faith to avoid most of my life.  My faith was only a denial system, designed to stem the tide from the steady torrent of fear, shame, and humiliation that lurked beneath the surface of my life.  But now my faith is getting me beyond my immaturity and allowing me to be more accepting of things like “death.”  Certainly, there are remnants of fear remaining; for my love has yet to find “perfection.”!  But the focus of my spiritual energy is on the remaining 5-6 decades of my life and living authentically in each one of these days, no longer haunted by the past or escaping into a fantasy future.  (Actually, I’m only kidding!  I do not expect, nor do I desire, to live that old!)

Life and death are inextricably intermingled.  Those who fear death inevitably are also fearful of life and its uncertainty.  I think Jesus knew that and offered us to invest in another dimension of life…the Spiritual…but we immediately took this notion and made it concrete so that we could worship the idea and escape the experience.


6 thoughts on “The End of Time & “The Blood Red Moon”

  1. Anne-Marie

    I like Pema Chodran’s ideas about this. She says that we need to go towards fear and uncertainty and to become intimate with what it feels like. Underneath she says is a very tender place which needs to be held lovingly. From that place, we can be kinder to ourselves and each other.

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  2. Monte Zerger

    Hi Lewis, It seems that fear is something we all carry. It may well be embedded in us as a result of the evolution of the human race. With animals it is so necessary for survival, and was passed on to us from them almost as a “birthright.”

    However, I don’t feel animals experience shame and humiliation. Within the human kingdom these twin demons are laid upon us by other humans. Perhaps the most common culprits are parents. If I read between the lines in your blogs and our conversations, I come to the conclusion, perhaps very wrongly, that your shame and humiliation is/was a result of parental acts and words.


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  3. Bonnie Roberts

    The spiritual life…worship the idea and escape the experience. A meagre life, if you so choose to only worship the idea. Slowly, steadily, prayerfully the spiritual life becomes a reality. You won’t be disappointed in pursuing your personal relationship with God. This spiritual life becomes a “natural high”. Work on it through steady prayerfulness, being present to the moment, beautiful music, art, books written by authors both ancient and new that pursue beauty and truth. These all help to have one become more disposed to the work of the Holy Spirit. Doing works of mercy and showing kindness. Forgiving and letting your own self be forgiven. In the end death is just “God coming for my soul”.


    Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 15:40:05 +0000 To:

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