An Atheist “Schools” Christians on Faith

I never thought I’d come across such a mature and honest expression of faith as I found here, coming from the heart of an atheist.  ( The author has the integrity and honesty to recognize that even her atheism involves premises with which it is very easy to demonstrate great arrogance and rudeness.  She recognizes that accepting these premises involves a faith in some subtle way.  I have spent most of my life as a very arrogant and smug Christian, carrying this “work of the flesh” to extremes of which I’m not humble enough to admit.  And I have no hope of ever “getting it right,” now realizing that is not the point.  And I look around at other religious people, especially Christians, and I see so much incredible smugness, arrogance, and unkindness.  I certainly understand why there are atheists and understand that it might take more courage to be an atheist than to be a rigid, dogmatic Christian who refuses to jettison the doctrinaire dimension of his faith in favor of the “Spirit of the Law.”


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