Trump, Romney, and Courage

I am resurrecting this blog after a long hiatus.  I should explain that my past as a mental health professional will be reflected in my human emphasis to the political scene.  And the current campaign for the presidency of my country, the United States, provides so much fodder for this emphasis.  Yes, we are all individuals but we “individuals” always coalesce into groups which are very revealing about our individual…and often hidden…predilictions.

Today I’d like to focus on Mitt Romney and the courage he demonstrated yesterday.  He dared to attack current GOP front runner, Donald Trump, by suggesting that Trump has tax issue that could prove to be very problematic.  I do not think that Romney is stupid and he knew that Trump would fire back with venom and would point out the obvious that Romney himself appeared to have tax issues four years ago when he was the GOP nominee.  Well, of course Trump responded immediately with his “Tweet” obsession and castigated Romney as being “a dope,” as “awkward and goofy,” and “looked the fool” on his own tax issues in 2012.  Well, of course, Trump is right on target.  BUT, most politicians would confront Romney on these issues without being to rudely personal and personally insulting.  But Trump has consistently been completely without consideration of commonplace civilities in this campaign, revealing a nascent…well, maybe not so “nascent”… sociopathic disregard that most of us have to not undress someone that we oppose and even dislike.  This is because of a social contract, “I will not ‘undress’ you, if you will not undress me.”

I have come face to face with bullies before, back on the playground on my youth and the “playground” of my adulthood.  They scared me.  I knew they saw my foibles and could readily strip me naked and would readily do so if I confronted them, for they had no limits.  “Civility” is a contrivance, yes a “falsity” that we agree upon, but occasionally a sociopath comes along who reveals just how specious that contrivance is.  It is scary to have witnessed just how readily this current slate of GOP candidates have cowered before this sociopath.

We are such scared little critters.  I confess, I am.  But I’m gaining courage in my old age and thus I am speaking out here in this cyber black hole which is the only format I really have.  This powerlessness is because of the powerlessness and cowardice that has charactized my life.  But, perhaps I am now “growing a pair.”

4 thoughts on “Trump, Romney, and Courage

  1. Monte Zerger

    Good piece, Lew. “Growing a pair” brought a smile. Trump has got to be the enigma of current times. Somehow, and I haven’t a clue how, he gets away with “murder.” In fact, he not only get away with “murder,” it seems many people like it, and it ends up propelling him. I feel that has to speak to the times we’re in, and that may not bode good for the country and the planet.

    I, too, was prey to a certain bully while in elementary school. Later in high school he had a car accident that left him partially paralyzed, although he cold eventually walk with a cane. Karma? Probably not because too many people “dish” crap without meeting a misfortune.

    I feel somewhat overwhelmed these days. As the weather warms I see so many things I want to do outside, and have turned my attention to some of them. Also with Susan gone all week, I’ve had to shoulder all the household duties. My inner life is very rich, but I have found little time to take if from the exploration level to an exposition level.

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  2. Jo Lauer

    Great piece, Lew! The lack of civility is very alarming to me. I simply cannot image the leader of our country behaving in this manner with leaders of other countries. What a disaster that would be!

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