A Caveat Re Trump

I had several interesting and provocative responses to my post about Trump and his shame-based character earlier today. One particular gentleman was definitely conservative, as evidenced by his reporting about something he heard on Rush Limbaugh, but he was very gracious and articulate and completely worthy of my respect.

He brought to the table for me something that I already knew but often is not apparent in what I post here.  There are at least two ways of looking at this current political morass we are experiencing, and probably more than two.  I vehemently oppose Donald Trump and find him an abominable candidate for the Presidency; BUT, there are intelligent, moral, and thoughtful people who support him.  They are driven by concerns that supersede Trump’s obvious character flaws.  I disagree with them.  BUT, they are not stupid nor are they bad people.  There are people I know very well, including family members, who will vote for Trump even though some of them have admitted they will be embarrassed to do so.  I do not understand it but there is no need to.  But there is the need to respect them.

The thing that angers me most is that the leadership of the Republican Party has been so devoid of spiritual and moral integrity that they have taken a passive stance to the ugliness of the radical base of their party, selling their soul because they know their party is not viable without the support of these “deplorables”, some of which the Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, several years ago described as “knuckle-draggers.”  The party elders have amongst themselves the capability to bring to the table a viable candidate, someone about whom my friends and family will not be embarrassed to vote for.

Yes, Hillary is a flawed candidate.  But she does not meet the criteria for psychopathology as does Donald Trump.


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